K1 is Turning 6

Another year has passed.. And November 22nd is here again. And this means that K1 is turning 6.


How time flies so fast. She is no longer a baby. She is bigger.. Smarter.. Prettier.. And also wiser.. Oh my baby.. Don’t grow up too fast.


This years birthday may not be the same with the previous ones. There are lots of ups and downs involves. But nevertheless, it is still a special day for all of us.

And hopefully, it will be as memorable as those previous birthdays.

Happy birthday K1.

We love you so much.

2 thoughts on “K1 is Turning 6

    1. Terima kasiih.. 🙂

      Oh ya.. Ini aku bukanya dari mobile kok. Malah inipun postnya dari hp, bukan dari pc. Bisa, dan aku coba buka pk hp lain jg bisa. Mungkin harus di clear cache dulu kayaknya browsernya mbak. 🙂

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