Inside My Diaperbag


After having two kids, my diaper bag essentials has been reduced significantly. In fact, nowadays, it has been more efficient and more lightweight for us. And we are using a diaper bag pack in black so that Udjo can carry it around.

Here’s what inside:

  • K1’s clothes (Usually I brought only 1 shirt and/or a sweater)
  • K2’s clothes (Usually I brought 2 shirt, a legging and/or a sweater)
  • K1’s underwear
  • K2’s disposable diapers
  • Small face towel
  • Small handkerchief
  • Changing Mat (sometimes I didn’t bring it)
  • Wet and Dry tissue
  • Toiletries (Telon, powder, cologne, vicks baby, comb)
  • Wetbag that looked like a green teddy when not in use
  • Small toys

Besides above essentials, I usually bring also a bottle of water, and some snacks because K1 and K2 tends to eat some snacks during road trip.

And because the essentials doesn’t take up so much space, we can put our carrier inside the bag when it is not in use.

There.. It’s all packed and ready to go. 🙂

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