One Phone Call

One phone call can make a difference.. Either is good nor bad.. It’s just like a job opportunity.. It all starts from a single phone call that asks your attendance for an interview.
One phone call is just one phone call away.. But what if.. What if that one phone call is the one phone call that you’ve wished that you never picked up? One phone call that just turned your world up side down.. Turned all of your trust from hero to zero. Turned off all of your hopes and dreams..

Just the right moment.. When I was celebrating my wedding anniversary and also just 2 days away from my birthday, my cellphone rang.. And there it was.. The one single phone call that I wished I never picked up. It just tumbles up my world up side down..

Although it wasn’t me who’s actually on the ‘highlight’ but it just blew me away. All of my trust, all of my hopes and dreams, all of the good things just dissapear in one single ring.

And hey.. Look at the timing.. It just could’nt be more perfect.. At the day that I suppose to celebrate my anniversary, became the day that I’ll regret the whole life.

Life was so unpredictable.. Just when you started to trust someone and on the process to overcome the bad memories, suddenly.. The bad truth appear.. And it is something that I don’t want to re-do it again.. I don’t want to go through the same experience like I had experience before. I thought it’ll just disappear. But I turns out.. There could be another same experience waiting to happen all over again.

Oh I just wish I can fly away and leave those bad things behind. But I can’t. I’ll just have to face it. Face it all over again.. I’ve never in my life will regret that I met someone special at a wedding.. But I surely regret that the background and surroundings that someone’s had was just extremely regretful.. For that, I shall always regret.
Fly.. Away.. Up in the sky and never comeback..

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