Baby K’s New Friend

Last weekend we went to Dato Mama’s house. And while we’re there, we disassemble baby K’s taffel to be brought home. Because nowadays we rarely go to Dato Mama’s house we almost forgot that baby K had fluff friend. Dato Mama’s gift for baby K.
This is baby K’s first encounter with the toys since she starts to understand things. And her reaction was so cute. I love to see her kissing the bear and then throw it. Took it again and repeat the whole action repeatedly. It’s just so adorable.

We brought home the bear to be baby K’s new friend. But not until yesterday that the bear has new name. Before it, we didn’t call the bear by name. It was quite funny why we choose “Bubu” as the bear’s name. We choose the name because it’s simple and easy to pronounce. Also because yesterday, while baby K is sleeping in my arms, she screamed “Bubu” and her hand was searching for the bear. After we gave the bear, she smiled and then wakes up. Therefore.. it’s official.. The bear is now called “Bubu”.

Because of Bubu’s size was just the right size for baby K, she likes to sleep with Bubu. Hold Bubu’s feet or hand, or even the head. Likes to kiss Bubu and then bites it. Hehehe.. Adorable..

Hopefully I can get some help with Bubu around. And hopefully baby K won’t be too dependent to Bubu. We’ll see..

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